The New Zealand Institute of Physics – Education Section is a teacher focused group supporting Physics Teachers in New Zealand. NZIPES will maintain this site containing quality resources and information designed specifically for New Zealand schools.

This site is the official site for news, resource dissemination, contacts etc.

One of the aims of the committee is to foster the growth and maintenance of  education related physics groups.

Feel free to connect with us via Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook we have a closed NZIP Education Group. See the links on this site. If you are connected to us through membership of some form then feel free to join that group.

Obtaining Purchaseable NZIP Resources

All our resources are now stored on a password protected site. The fee we charge gives you access to all our resources. Resources include quality assured assessment resources for virtually every physics based internal achievement standard. Every year we produce examination papers for all the external standards (apart from L1 heat). Past years are also included in the fee. Apart from the huge amount of assessment resources there is a large amount of physics related material also included on our secure site. The fee below is NOT a membership of NZIP. The fee below covers the acquisiton of resources. If you also want to be a professional member of NZIP (and that comes with a range of benefits (but not access to our secure resource site) then follow the links on the homepage of this site.

  1. Click here to complete the online registration form for access to the secure resources site.
  2. Subscription to the materials costs $125 (incl GST) for 2020.
  3. For the $125 subscription, you will be given a unique username and password to access the material on the secure site for 2020. You are welcome to use all material available for your school’s use. Certain conditions of use will be provided when appropriate.
  4. Once you have a username and password (which is emailed to you after payment has been received), take this link to the NZIPES Secure Website