NZIP Education Section’s Links to Other Physics websites

Flash Animations for Physics (Useful for Year 12)

Royal Society Wellington Talks

Nexus Research Group NZ school-based research – great ideas for students

William Pickering NZ rocket scientist Mark Treadwell’s list of a few sites worth visiting from the scores (hundreds??) he has rated. If you are looking for some excellent links of educational value, this is a good place to start. Home Page:

Ernest Rutherford

Denis Burchill’s homepage

Donald Simanek’s homepage A great source of fun stories with great physics content – thought provoking too!!

American Institute of Physics

American Physical Society

Nine Planet Solar System Info Glossary and pictures of planets.

Scientific American

Crocodile Clips A software company some free downloads available.

The Physics Laws List at

Vernier Software and Hardware

 Electrotest: PASCO Equipment & Software

Electroflash The website of ETITO NZ

SciNZ Science Teaching Equipment based in NZ