The NZIP Education Section hopes that everything is going as well as possible for you and your families during these difficult times.

We want to let you know about some of the work we have been doing and our plans relating to supporting you during these times.

First we want to remind everyone about the ability to access free one-on-one support. Our facilitators are available and able to assist you with distance learning.
One-on-One PLD
In August 2018 NZIP launched our FREE one-on-one PLD support. We have had a significant amount of uptake and the feedback has been extremely positive.
Comments from teachers have included:
“This was extremely helpful”
“I would use this PLD support service again”
“I would highly recommend this service to others”
If you would like one-on-one PLD then please get in touch.
Please go to the following link and complete the online form

Social Media
NZIP has now launched a Facebook page to improve our communications in this space. You can find us by searching for New Zealand Institute of Physics or directly at
We have also launched a Twitter account – once again you can find us and follow us at @NZPhysics or
We have also created a NZIP Education Section Closed Group (see details at the above Facebook Page). This group has a dual purpose:
1) to assist NZIP to carry out closed online discussions with teachers and educators who are directly connected with us. This will hopefully make us more responsive to the community’s needs; and
2) for educators connected to NZIP to share content and ideas.
We do not see this page replacing the current Physics Teachers Facebook page at all. Our new page is a uniquely NZIP-focused closed group.

Website development
During this period, we are looking at updating our website. We are looking to do some curation work so that teachers have some essential links and material to assist them in their online teaching and for when we all get back to ‘normal’.
We are also looking at updating our Physics Teachers Resource Bank to make that a useful resource for everyone.
We will post updates about these changes on the above social media channels and on the home page of

Access to our secure teaching and assessment resources site
Around 250 schools have already subscribed to our service for 2020. The examinations are close to completion and they will be posted as soon as all the quality assurance processes are complete.
We are also looking at ways to use our assessments in an online environment. Please watch out for updates relating to this initiative.
For those schools who have not subscribed and intend to please feel free to register and generate an invoice.
We will process your application and provide you with access immediately rather than waiting for payment. For many schools, invoices are still being paid but the potential delay just makes things more difficult for you in the meantime. We want to assist and we will work on a high trust model that means that we trust that all schools who take up our offer will pay for our service.