Webinar – Professor Shaun Hendy “How a physicist has approached Modelling Covid19”
NZIP and The MacDiarmid Institute invite you to join us in a webinar with Professor Shaun Hendy “How a physicist has approached Modelling Covid19”, Wednesday 20 May 2020 from 7:00 pm. Shaun will share a presentation (20 minutes) then will be available to answer your questions (up to 40 minutes).
To register for the webinar please send an email to me at pldsupport@nzip.org.nz
We will send you the invitation to the webinar on Wed 20 May.
Physics Teacher Resources – Videos on YouTube
We’re working with the MacDiarmid Institute to bring you physics teacher resources.  In these first two videos, MacDiarmid researcher and VUW Lecturer Dr Nathaniel Davis talks about how physics can improve solar energy, describing his own research and the physics he uses along the way.
The videos are aimed at secondary school science teachers and senior students.
Video 1 – How Can Physics Improve Solar Energy Part 1

Video 2 – How Can Physics Improve Solar Energy Part 2
A short bio about the presenter: Dr Davis obtained his BSc(Adv)H1M from the University of Sydney, Australia, receiving First Class Honors and The University Medal in 2012. He was awarded the Bragg Scholarship to complete his PhD in Physics in the Optoelectronics group at the Cavendish Laboratory within the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. He completed his thesis  ‘Application of Spectral Management in Optoelectronic Devices’ in 2016 and was then awarded the Oppenheimer Early Career Research Fellowship. In 2018 Dr Davis moved to NZ to take up a position as a Lecturer in Physical Chemistry at Victoria University of Wellington. In 2019 he was made an Associate Investigator of the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology.

The MacDiarmid Institute is a Centre of Research Excellence researching materials science.  You can see more about the MacDiarmid Institute in this 2-min video what is materials science?
NZIPES secure teaching and assessment resources site
We have had a request to produce some assessments that could be used online. We are concerned about simply allowing teachers to use any of our past exams (in their entirety) for such a task as this may lead to them becoming publicly available. That then may result in them being unusable for derived grade purposes. Our solution has been to produce a set of L2 and L3 “End of Standard Tests”. We have consulted with some assessment experts to help us select some existing questions (from more than 5 years ago) that could be used in an online environment and that validly assess an entire standard. Please feel free to use these assessments online (or in person). These resources are an addition to our suite of resources and we hope that some of you may find them invaluable. These resources do not replace our new 2020 examinations – they simply complement them. You can expect to find these resources on the secure site by the end of the week.
The 2020 examinations are very close to completion and they will be posted as soon as all the quality assurance processes are complete.
A reminder: if you use any of our new 2020 examinations the students should not receive them back until Term 4 to ensure other schools are able to use them for authentic assessment.

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