The New Zealand Institute of Physics negotiated agreements with the following societies:

APS logoReciprocal membership with the American Physical Society

Under a reciprocal membership agreement each society agrees to extend a defined range of member rights and privileges to members of the other society but without conferring membership. Our agreement with the APS provides that:

  1. Members of the NZIP may submit papers to APS meetings with the same privileges and limitations as APS members;
  2. NZIP members may register at APS meetings at member rates; and
  3. NZIP members may subscribe to APS journals at the same rates as members of other member societies of the American Institute of Physics (AIP).


  1. Members of the APS may submit papers to NZIP meetings with the same privileges and limitations as NZIP members;
  2. APS members may register at NZIP meetings at NZIP member rates; and
  3. APS members may subscribe to NZIP journals at the same rates as NZIP members.

This agreement was signed in September 2000 and remains in force until either the NZIP or the APS gives 12 month’s notice of termination or of a wish to renegotiate.

Members of NZIP can obtain details of APS meetings from . A full calendar of meetings is available on . NZIP members submitting papers or registering at these meetings should cite this agreement and their NZIP membership to obtain reciprocal benefits. The APS journals to which this agreement applies include the Physical Review (all sections), Physical Review Letters and Reviews of Modern Physics.

Members of APS wishing to register at or submit papers to NZIP meetings (NZIP biennial conference, the Solid State meetings held in New Zealand with the Australian Physical Society at four-yearly intervals, and such other meetings as may be arranged) should cite this agreement and their APS membership number on registering.

Institute of Physics logoJoint membership at the Institute of Physics
The NZIP is pleased to announce that we have an agreement with the IOP that allows members of NZIP to attend national and international events organised by IOP and their members at the same rates as IOP members.