1. Benefits of Joining NZIP

The New Zealand Institute of Physics is the institute for professional physicists. Don’t miss the chance to build your network. Our members include: college teachers, university lecturers, students studying to be physicists, CRI scientists, industry scientists, etc.

We provide:

  • a forum for discussing physics education and research;
  • a network of physics teachers;
  • professional development courses for physics teachers;
  • sponsorship of high school physics prizes;
  • submissions to government concerning physics education and research;
  • conferences and workshops;
  • reduction in NZIP Conference fees;
  • ability to use MNZIP as part of your official designation;
  • reduced membership fees for students; and
  • access to a regular digital newsletter.

In 2021 a membership also enables physics teachers to access Professional Development Support – we have a range of experienced facilitators able to provide one-on-one support.

2. Membership fees for 2021

Fellow $75
Member $60
Retired $25
Student $25

Membership inquires can be directed to the Hon. Secretary of the NZIP (secretary@nzip.org.nz). Please note that the NZIP membership database is maintained by Conferences and Events Ltd, who will issue subscription invoices and reminders. Failure to pay the annual subscription within six months of the first invoice may result in termination of your NZIP membership as per the NZIP constitution. Please note that Members who wish to resign from the NZIP should send a letter to the Hon. Secretary of the NZIP. Members will be liable for all outstanding fees as per the constitution of the NZIP. Please also note that the above membership fee does not include access to the Education Section’s secure resource site.

3. Online Application Form for Membership:

To renew your NZIP membership, or apply to become an NZIP member:

  • If you were a member in 2020 or earlier, use the link in the email that has been sent to you. If you have not received this email please contact nzip@confer.co.nz
  • To apply to become a new member, take this link to NZIP Membership Online Application Form. Complete the required fields and your request will be sent to the Hon. Secretary of the NZIP. See section 4. Membership Regulations below for more information about membership applications.

4. Membership Regulations:

Written applications for membership must be considered by Council. The New Zealand Institute of Physics may from time to time admit suitable candidates for either Membership or Fellowship to recognise their achievements or commitment to our science.

The regulations for members are quoted below (obtained from the constitution.).

Corporate Members

There shall be the following classes of Corporate Members:

Fellow Every candidate for admission or transfer to the grade of Fellow of the NZIP shall be proposed and supported by two existing Fellows of the NZIP. A list of current Fellows of the NZIP can be obtained from the Secretary of the NZIP. Fellowship applications are to be considered by a committee of Fellows of the NZIP.A candidate applying for admission or transfer to the grade of Fellow shall have a degree or equivalent qualification in physics, science or engineering containing a substantial proportion of physics. Degrees shall be accredited by the NZIP or be of an equivalent standard. The candidate shall satisfy the Fellowship Committee that they have made important achievements in an area related to the application of physics. These may be demonstrated by meeting at least some of the criteria listed below. The criteria are grouped by employment sector but many will have relevance to more than one sector and to areas of physics outside the specified sectors:

Physicist in Industry

  • technological innovation contributing to improvements in business performance
  • superior responsibility in terms of management of significant budgetary, staff or facilities resource
  • project management at senior level
  • patents, and other recognition of inventiveness
  • successful creation of own business in technology-based, manufacturing or service sector
  • authorship (individual or joint) of written or verbal reports, not necessarily in the public domain, which demonstrate original thinking and significant contributions to physics or application of physics

Physicist in Higher Education

  • original research, as opposed to following established procedures or methods, published in refereed journals
  • superior responsibility in terms of management of significant budgetary, staff or facilities resource, normally at the level of Professor, Reader or position of similar responsibility
  • substantial introduction of new courses or teaching methods in higher education
  • success in obtaining research grants
  • acting as External Examiner

Physicist in Secondary Education

  • involvement in curriculum initiatives at regional or national level
  • contributions to teacher training or mentoring
  • resource writing or publications for regional or national use
  • advising and inspecting schools
  • outstanding classroom practitioner
  • consultancy work

All sectors

  • effective service on various national or international committees as evidence of national or international reputation
  • commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Member All candidates for admission to the grade of Member shall demonstrate to Council that their training and interest in physics will allow them to contribute usefully to the affairs of NZIP and to benefit from their association with NZIP. The Corporate grades of Fellow and Member may be indicated by the use of the authorised abbreviations FNZIP and MNZIP.
Retired All candidates for admission to the grade of Retired Member shall be a former Corporate Member of NZIP who has retired from active professional practice and wishes to change their membership type.

Non-corporate Members

In addition to corporate members there shall be Non-corporate Members:

Student Every candidate for admission to the grade of Student shall be a student with a major interest in physics, pure or applied. No one can remain as a Student Member for more than five years.

5. Fellowship of NZIP:

Take this link to Fellowship of NZIP for more information and the application form.

6. NZIP School Physics Prizes:

Any school which has a current NZIP Professional Member (Member or Fellow) on its staff may apply for support of the Physics School Prize for pupils (current value $50). Please note that there is only one Physics School Prize per school.

Take this link to School Prize Sponsorship for more information and the application form.

7. Membership Agreements:

Take this link to Membership agreements for more information about agreements the NZIP has negotiated with the US and UK Physics organisations (APS and IOP).